Fitminder is very easy to use, making staying well at work the simple choice for you. Firstly you have to choose your workout. Choose just one, or multiple workout groups. These will be shuffled each time you finish to keep your workouts fresh and engaging. For example, you can choose a few workouts at once; A full body workout, a hand rejuvenation workout, stretching workout and workout to optimise your energy. Then choose how often you want to workout. Slide the timer to suit your needs. Finally, select your trainer: Rudy, Lilly or Jimmy.

The Fitminder icon is located on the task bar when the program is running. Click on it (Right-click on PC) to access the settings panel. Before the launch of your exercises you will be reminded to get ready.

Exercises are developed in association with the best physiotherapists from the Latvian Olympic Team specifically for use in a modern office environment. They are based on the most innovative biomechanics evidence, and are proven to help optimise your productivity at work, plus help you avoid disease and chronic pain.

Yes. It's ideal for use at home, at the home office, or in the office.

Fitminder is the perfect way to keep computer-loving children active, fit and healthy. Your child can choose the Fitster trainer Fluffy, made just for kids. He’s funny, engaging and playful; the perfect way to help your children get up and get moving to break up their screen time.

Absolutely! The traditional busy office is the perfect place to use Fitminder. You can ask other colleagues to sign up too, and do it together! The risks of sitting at a desk for long periods have been proven: Heart disease, diabetes, back pain, headache, eye strain, the list goes on. Fitminder is here to help you change your habits, and the best way to do that is together with your colleagues. By joining Fitminder as an office group, you’re fostering a healthy, positive work culture which is vital to productivity and longevity in the workplace.

Yes, but Fitster is best used regularly to promote your best workplace health. You can cancel a workout or training schedule, but it’s not recommended, as the timing is calculated to optimise your health. The Fitster icon is located on the task bar when the program is running. Click on it (Right-click on PC) to access the settings panel.

There is a small level of awkwardness when doing a set of jumping jacks or a hamstring stretches in a full office, but is looking goofy in front of your coworkers more important than staying healthy? Once they realise what you are doing, they just might respect you more for understanding the importance of taking care of your body, and want to join in the fun! Workplace health isn’t just about you; it’s about healthy, productivity and the culture of an entire office. If you’re not healthy, you can’t work right? Why not mention Fitminder to your boss? Then you can get your whole office on board!

No. All of the exercises are designed to provide physical stimulation for your muscles while getting your heart pumping. But nothing is so extreme that you will break out in a sweat. The only person you have to answer to is yourself, so feel free to do any of the exercises at your own pace. Also as you will see from the instructional images in the notifications, all the movements and stretches can be done in business attire and won't leave you looking like a mess afterwards.


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